• WALL MOUNTING; We can hang a flat screen almost anywhere including above the fireplace.
  • SURROUND SOUND; Nothing enhances the TV experience like HI-FI sound to go with it.
  • ​HOOK-UPS; We connect to DVD, cable, sattelite, game systems, sound systems, etc. and make it all work.
  • EQUIPMENT; We can provide wall mount brackets, HDMI cables, optical cables, RCA, etc. at very reasonable cost.

Flat screen tv services


Basic wall mounting, wiring to be concealed in plastic track mounted to face of wall from bottom of TV extending downward, connections to component, basic programming. DOES NOT INCLUDE: HDMI cable or mounting bracket

    Advan​ce electric 


Premium wall mounting, Includes mounting TV to wall concealing wiring inside wall, installing outlet behind TV, connections to all components, basic programming. DOES NOT INCLUDE; HDMI cables and mounting bracket.