• CEILING FANS; Includes new fan rated box, wire, installation of remote controlled fan. Assumes- attic space above fan, power available in attic, remote controlled fan provided by homeowner. $225

  • RECCESSED CAN LIGHTS; Includes fixture, white trim, incandescent bulb, pull power from existing switched power in ceiling. $125 each light.

  • SPA HOOKUPS; above ground spas, 50amp 220volt, includes conduit, wire, GFI disconnect and breaker. Conduit will be run on exterior wall, maybe under eave, up to 50'. $600​

  • TROUBLESHOOTING; Lights or outlets that are not working, Most of these are actually simple repairs. $125, if after troubleshooting it is found to be more serious, we will give an estimate to repair.​


Here is our standard price rates, this assumes normal situations with normal construction methods. It may not be completely accurate for your scenario but it should give you a good idea of what you may be spending.

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