• CEILING FANS; Includes new fan rated box, wire, installation of remote controlled fan. Assumes- attic space above fan, power available in attic, remote controlled fan provided by homeowner. $250

  • RECCESSED CAN LIGHTS; Includes fixture, white trim, LED, pull power from existing switched power in ceiling. $175 each light.

  • SPA HOOKUPS; above ground spas, 50amp 220volt, includes conduit, wire, GFI disconnect and breaker. Conduit will be run on exterior wall, maybe under eave, starting at $600​

  • TROUBLESHOOTING; Unlike other contractors that give an hourly rate based on an unknown amount of time plus drivetime. We offer a flat rate of $150, WE WILL FIND THE PROBLEM ​(exclusions do apply) Gauranteed we fix your problem!


Here is our standard price rates, this assumes normal situations with normal construction methods. It may not be completely accurate for your scenario but it should give you a good idea of what you may be spending. Here at Advance Electric we offer flat rate pricing or pre-bid amounts so there are no surprises.

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